‘Cory Helps Kids’ books from ChildTherapyToys.com

Last year, Liana Lowenstein–the author and/or editor of several indispensable play therapy resources including Creative Family Therapy Techniques–published the first installment in her ‘CORY’ series, Cory Helps Kids Cope with Divorce: Playful Therapeutic Activities for Young Children. In this book, the title character guides children through the feelings they are having throughout the various stages of dealing with divorce. Cory’s relatibility helps to dissolve any comfort barriers in the therapist-child relationship, thus providing an ideal environment for the games, art, and other creative interventions that are introduced to facilitate treatment. In addition to the story and activities presented, the book also includes detailed handouts to inform and engage parents.

This month sees the release of the second book in the series, and we couldn’t be more thrilled by it’s arrival. Cory Helps Kids Cope with Sexual Abuse: Playful Activities for Traumatized Children utilizes the same innovative and effective format to help children work through the effects of sexual abuse and related trauma. It is an invaluable resource for treating a range of serious issues. Like all of her contributions to the practice of play therapy, this book is marked by her years of experience in the field, and her gift for developing fun, engaging games and interventions.

Of course, both of these titles are available at ChildTherapyToys.com. If you’ve used either one in your practice, we’d love to hear about your experience either here in the comment section, or as a review on the product page.