My Conflict and Solution Book

A couple months ago we announced an opportunity for readers to submit their own play therapy ideas, interventions, or articles to the blog. Those chosen will be posted to the blog and the author will receive a $25 gift certificate to They will also be eligible for a $100 gift certificate for the public agency or program of their choice. (Read more here.)

Without further ado, here is a very useful activity submitted by Mayra Arreola, a Bilingual School Psychologist:

My Conflict and Solution Book
Activity Goal: Assist children to develop the skills necessary to identify a conflict, think of solutions, and select the best solution to the conflict.

As an introduction to each counseling/therapy session, the child is asked to share a conflict they encountered and brainstorm about solutions. Once the best solution is selected, the child is asked to fold a sheet of paper in half. On one half they draw the conflict and on the other half the solution to the conflict. They write a sentence about the problem and a sentence about the solution under each drawing. Once there are 10-20 drawings/sheets, a book cover can be made with construction paper, and a book can be created by stapling or using yarn to bond the drawings together inside the cover. The child learns the skills and acquires a sense of accomplishment by creating their own book.

Thanks, Mayra.

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