August Play Therapy Wrap-Up

-Early in the month, NPR had a very interesting piece that looks at the role of play in child development. Many believe that our current harried lifestyles are not allowing for sufficient play time, in what is being called a “national play crisis.” This story was the second in a weeklong “Playing to Learn” series.

-I’ve only read the abstract, but this seems like a really interesting article on Non-Directive Play Therapy.

-A new therapy room in Binghamton, NY was dedicated to a longtime sexual abuse counselor who recently passed away.

-LEGO play can be very beneficial to children with Autism. In this 5-minute lightning talk, Hannah Coles outlines how LEGO therapy works, and how it can improve language and communication.

-This video serves as a good introduction to play therapy for parents, and also touches on some concepts and guidelines that might be of interest to practitioners:

-A recent study on the effectiveness of sandplay therapy came to some very interesting conclusions about the measures of success. In short: lack of marked improvement does not suggest ineffectiveness.

-Like it or not, Summer is just about over. But with colder temperatures come new workshops and learning opportunities! The Colorado Sandplay Therapy Association is offering some great ones to its members including a free member training in consultation and didactic learning; Introduction to Sandplay; and, in early 2015, “Seeing with Real Eyes: Vulnerability and Courage in Sandplay and Play Therapy Stories”. Check out a full list of events here.

-Robin Williams’ suicide earlier this month was a great shock to all of us. It was hard to know how to process and express our grief over losing such an icon in such an upsetting way. Because suicide can be a contagious phenomenon, it is a very tricky subject to discuss, and the conversation can become particularly dangerous when it takes place on social media. This video and article looks at how to discuss suicide without endangering the severely depressed among us.

-A foundation in Pennsylvania is trying to move the play therapy room outside. As this article reports, the Fulton County Medical Center Foundation is campaigning to build a playground outside designed specifically for play therapy. It would be built to meet the needs of children of all ages, and those in need of a range of play therapy modalities including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language, and behavioral therapy.

-Want a free lecture on Individual Play Therapy? YouTube provides…

-A professor in New Mexico is using sand play as a part of an “embodied restorying process” to help veterans and their families dealing with the consequences of combat.

-Sand tray therapy without sand? This paper makes the case for a virtual sandtray.

-I really enjoyed these three techniques for improving self confidence from PsychCentral. It’s just one in a series of blog posts by child therapist Heather Gilmore, LLMSW.

Here’s a great response to the unexpected results of a study on pretend play.

Have a super September!

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