July Play Therapy Wrap-Up (We’re Back!)

After a brief absence and a change of venue, your favorite play therapy blog is back at a new and improved location. Here are a few things that we’ve come across over the past couple of months…

-For those of you who have never seen the classic 1972 documentary film Sandplay with Dora M. Kalff, Dr. Eric Green has posted the film in its entirety.

-If you’re not already member of APT, join now! Here are a couple of brochures explaining the organization and the benefits of getting involved. The APT also recently posted a Training Directory of approved providers and has launched a Career Center for job seekers and employers.

-CreativeCounseling101 posts lots of great sand tray therapy ideas including this one for building your own bridge. (You can also purchase bridges for sand tray use at ChildTherapyToys.com!)

-The Minnesota Sandplay Therapy Group just put out a new edition of their newsletter Sandspiel (great name!). It’s full of great articles and updates, including news about the upcoming conference they’re calling “Exploring Relationships in Sandplay on the Mighty Mississippi”.

-Can yoga be considered a form of play? A new book by Louise Gold suggests that the two can at least be used in tandem to help children with PDD. There’s a nice review of the book at PsychCentral.

-This article does a great job of summing up play therapy with its title alone.

-A very helpful short video from a New York play therapist about the value and use of play therapy.

-I came across this research paper from 1976 on non-directive play therapy. Very interesting to see what’s still relevant today, as well as how the practice has evolved.

-As box office earnings suggest: people love superheroes…children especially. Kids frequently incorporate superheroes into their play, as the idea of having superhuman powers provides a great spark to the imagination. An upcoming workshop in Sacramento will look into the history of the Big Three (Superman, Batman, and Wonderwoman) and what children can reveal through there interactions with them in play.

-Certified Sandplay Therapist and Teacher Barbara Turner, PhD will be traveling the globe over the next year leading training courses.

-For the dog-lovers out there, here’s a news story about therapy dogs being used to help alleviate the physical and emotional stress children can experience in a courthouse setting.

-The results of a recent study suggest that poor treatment of children can affect the way their gene’s are activated.

-August’s Sand Tray Miniature of the Month is not just one figure, but our entire selection of strong female figures. While boys are known for their fondness for digging around in the dirt and sand, any great sand tray collection should include just as many expressive tools for girls. The selection at ChildTherapyToys includes lots of strong female characters such as Athena, Joan of Arc, and, of course, Wonder Woman!

Have an awesome August everyone!




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