Pinterest as a therapeutic tool!

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I am so excited to share this intervention with you guys!! I have been waiting for just the right client to try this with, and I have finally found one of my adolescents who is responding to Pinning as a therapeutic tool. 

This particular client is a 12 year old female. She is not only presenting with some symptoms of depression but she has been having a difficult time emotionally communicating with me as her counselor. 

I observed at our first meeting that this client was not entirely comfortable with conversation/discussion, so I tried the typical routes of drawing and coloring and worksheets. These interventions were not creating an atmosphere of trust or engagement. So tonight I introduced my client to Pinterest. Initially, I shared a sample board with her; explaining the premise of the site itself. I showed her various categories, and even gave her examples of how I am using the site.  

I handed my client the tablet and watched her play around with creating her own Pinterest boards, and her face immediately lit up. Just by a few clicks, I had already gathered insight into her self-esteem, her feelings, her interests, and her challenges. By responding to her selection of pins and categories, she explained what she related to in the pictures, and “guessed” as to what the motivation of each picture meant… The best part was that we were able to identify cohesive themes and tie these to her previously reported symptoms. Some of the pictures around this post are examples of what she chose….if you look closely you’ll be able to see the themes as well.

With the caregiver’s permission, I invited this client to create more boards as her homework between sessions. I encouraged the two of them to complete these activities together; (ex. Create a board of movies they would like to watch). I will be checking in with this family next week, and I can’t wait to see if and how this has affected their communication. 

Please let me know if you try anything like this with your clients! I’d love to hear other ideas and/or suggestions for modifications!

This was originally posted on “The Unconventional Counselor”. Be sure to stop by and check out more great posts like this one. 

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