‘Obstacle Course’ Listening Exercise

Here’s another great play therapy listening exercise submitted by reader Emily Clifton, LISW. Ms. Clifton earned a gift certificate to childtherapytoys.com for her submission. Learn how you can do the same!

Purpose: To work on communication and listening skills between two family members.

Materials Needed: Paper, markers, tape, blindfold

Appropriate for: A family of two or more

Directions: First write the numbers 1-5 (or how many numbers you would like to use) on pieces of paper in bold print. Blindfold the first participant and then tape the numbers in places throughout the room. If this person is familiar with the room, you could also put some obstacles (chairs, pillows, etc.) throughout the path. Have one person give instructions on how to get to each point in the number order. Then let each person in the group have a turn, switching up the numbers each time.


• Either the therapist or another family member can give mis-directions.

• Time the exercise, seeing who completes it first.

• Don’t use a blindfold, but have one person guide the other to a list of objects using the words hot/warm/cold.

• Instead of giving directions in English, the person could have to walk through the room with their partner, guiding them physically or by using a gibberish word, like beep, thunder turtles, etc.

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