‘Play Doh Sculpts’ Listening Exercise

Here’s a great play therapy listening exercise submitted by reader Emily Clifton, LISW. Ms. Clifton earned a gift certificate to childtherapytoys.com for her submission. Learn how you can do the same!

Purpose: To work on communication and listening skills between two family members.

Materials Needed: Two tubs of Play-Doh.

Appropriate for: A group of two. If you have a whole group, break family members up into groups of two and rotate.

Directions: Have each person break their Play-Doh into two halves. With the first half, ask each person to make a simple sculpture without letting the other person see. Then have each person take a turn giving their partner instructions on how to recreate the sculpt. When they are finished, have them compare to see how close they were. Then ask each person how they feel they communicated and how they could have communicated better.

Variations: Could use Legos, building blocks, painting, etc. Just make sure that each person has the same materials to work with: i.e.-3 blue Legos, 5 red Legos and 1 yellow.

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