Welcome to the Autism Store!

Play therapy’s greatest virtue is perhaps in its breadth of application. The process of allowing children (and adults!) to express themselves through the language of play can be tremendously useful in a variety of situations. It can be used to teach discipline and good behavior, lift spirits and mend the emotional wounds caused by trauma or grief, and help a patient work through anxiety and depression. Play therapy’s ability to foster expression and improve social and emotional competence is particularly beneficial to children with autism. Many therapists use play-based treatments for Autism and other Pervasive Developmental Disorders and research suggests a high level of success.

Keeping in mind that every specific situation requires it’s own very specific tools, ChildTherapyToys.com has created The Autism Store–a one-stop shop with the most valuable and fun tools available for play therapy with autistic children. The store boasts a huge variety of books and games, sensory toys, creative materials, and more, all designed to help a child connect and engage through the power of play. The products offered have been expertly curated and are available at affordable prices. Stop by and discover what your therapy room might be missing!   

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