February Play Therapy Wrap-Up

National Play Therapy Week took place February 2nd through 8th. The event is one of the many efforts by the APT to increase awareness of play therapy and they certainly succeeded in doing so this year. The internet was full of news articles and blog posts about what play therapy is, how it can be used, and where you canfindit. I found this blog post breaking down the strategies of play particularly interesting, and I also enjoyed this post from the always-informative Pam Dyson.

-Speaking of the success of awareness campaigns, here’s an article about play therapy in Bangalore.

-I appreciated the emphasis this short article puts on play as a universal language.

-Susan Scheftel, PhD tells us what happens in play therapy in Psychology Today.

-I’m seeing colors! Check out this wild sensory sand play idea.

-For those looking for great training opportunities, you could do a lot worse than the Play Therapy Institute of Colorado. Check out their comprehensive list here (you can also view it in a calendar layout). 

Good question! What do you guys think of this explanation?

-A wide selection of toys and creative interventions are certainly helpful, but the real key to successful play therapy is the relationship.

-A lot of parents don’t realize that the power of play therapy isn’t restricted to their therapist’s office. Knowing how to incorporate play therapy at home can be extremely valuable.

-This article analyzes research done on using sand tray therapy with the intellectually disabled.

This graphic doesn’t leave anything out. Worth printing out and pinning to the wall. 

-Here’s a short clip fom the Eric J. Green’s excellent DVD “Jungian Play Therapy and Sandplay with Children: Myth, Mandala, and Meaning”.

-Atttention graduate students: You can save 15% on all of your purchases at ChildTherapyToys.com through our Graduate Student Discount Program. Just email us a copy of your Student Card & Picture ID and we’ll sign you up! support@childtherapytoys.com

-I’ll leave you with this wonderful (and very funny) video uploaded to the APT YouTube Channel.

Have a terrific March!

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