January Play Therapy Wrap-Up

January was a somewhat slow month for play therapy news, but here are a few choice links you might have missed…

-In November I came across an article about the use of expression therapies such as sandplay in Jin Zhong Prison, a Chinese correctional facility for inmates with infectious diseases. It seems the popularity of the practice is spreading, as this article reports that sandplay is also being used with offenders in a community correction center in Ma’anshan city. As a sandplay practitioner, I am very excited to see this very useful intervention used in such an environment.

-If you’re looking for a good learning opportunity without leaving home, check out Play, Play Therapy, and Games: Engage Children in Therapy, a webcast on February 5 at 2pm EST. I can personally attest to the quality of this one . If you aren’t available for the livecast, you can purchase it directly from the PESI website on CD or DVD.

-The APT is also offering a couple of great online courses: ‘The ABCs of Play Therapy’ and ‘Attachment Training’. Check out the very thorough reviews!

This article takes a look at untreated mental illness in teens. It posits that while many infectious illnesses are routinely checked, there is not enough screening for mental health and emotional problems, which can be just as destructive to the individual as well as others, as increasing instances of school violence would evidence. The article takes a look at efforts to screen for mental health across the country, but it seems clear that a more universal system needs to be put in place and strictly enforced. A very interesting read…what do you think?

-Congratulations to Capella University’s Center for the Study of Play Therapy for its re-designation as an Approved Center of Play Therapy Education by the APT through 2017.

Board games provide a great way to engage clients in therapy. There are many ways to take classic games such as Sorry and Candyland and give them a play therapy twist. Here’s a great article on how to incorporate board games into family therapy.  

-I’ve posted this video in the past (it and may other vids can be found in our videos section at MPTP.com), but it’s really a great introduction to play therapy and the APT.

-There are many helpful interventions to help children with autism express themselves and improve their social and emotional competence. That’s why ChildTherapyToys.com has created the Autism Store, your one-stop shop for a large variety of the most valuable tools available.

-Virgina Satir became a pioneer of family therapy in the 1970s and 80s and her impact is still felt today. This video (as well as many others available on YouTube) show the master therapist at work.

-We love this innovative technique adapted for play therapy by Pam Dyson from the St. Louis Center for Play Therapy Training. Bombs away!

-For those of you who haven’t been following the APT’s History Speaks series, this interview with Violet Oaklander is a great place to start.

-A very enlightening foster parent’s perspective on her daughter’s first play therapy session.

-Some very interesting and positive results were seen in a San Antonio middle school that implemented a ‘Restorative Disciple Program’ in lieu of a zero-tolerance policy. Hopefully this is the beginning of some big changes in the way our schools discipline our children

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