December Play Therapy Wrap-Up

-This article, featured in Liana Lowenstein’s December newsletter, looks at what factors contribute to resiliency in children and the potential for positive growth after exposure to a traumatic life experience.

-Also featured in Ms. Lowenstein’s newsletter is an article that addresses a child’s fear of sleeping alone, a very common problem and a tough one to handle for parents. A child wanting to sleep with their parents every once in a while is quite normal, but at what point does it become an issue? The author provides guidance in identifying the problem and presents some very interesting solutions.

Here’s a new creative intervention technique from Ms. Lowenstein’s website. And, in case you didn’t catch my post from earlier this month, be sure to tune in to her YouTube channel, which has lots of great intervention ideas for therapists. Speaking of great YouTube channels, the UK Society for Play and Creative Arts Therapies has one that’s well worth your time.

-You’re never too old to benefit from play. I really enjoyed this article on play therapy with couples. Play can be a great way to diffuse stress and bring much-needed joy back into a relationship.

-A play therapist in South Carolina incorporates her corgi Bella into her play therapy sessions. “She’s a great listener, as you can tell by the size of her ears.”

-This video serves as a good primer for expressive technique in play therapy.

-Here are two other great play therapy videos I found this month: a therapist explains a new kind of “natural” play therapy and a master’s student looks at play therapy for children who have a sibling with autism spectrum disorder.

-I posted an entry about this earlier this month, but here’s an excellent list of must-have miniatures for any sand tray. (All available at!)

-It’s the season of giving, and this is a great cause to give to. You can put forth $25 to buy a play therapy kit for rescued child soldiers in Uganda.

-We added quite a few events to our list of upcoming workshops. Lots of exciting things happening in 2014! Also, the APT’s E-Learning Center is a great way to check out past workshops from home.  

-Another quality issue of Play Therapy magazine went out last month. If you missed it, check out the digital version here.

-Children with Asperger’s Syndrome have to deal with a lot of frustration, and they can’t help but reach a boiling point now and then. Calming these children can be complicated, but here’s 50 very helpful tips for parents.

-Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (or PCIT) got some national mainstream exposure this month via this article in the Washington Post. It takes a very thorough look at PCIT and hopefully will provide help for parents struggling to control their child.

-Speaking of PCIT, earlier this year the Child Welfare Information Gateway released this very enlightening report on PCIT with at-risk families.

-As play therapists we think of sandtray therapy as a way to help people express themselves; however, sand play can be helpful in many ways, including helping children with learning disabilities.

-Here’s a playful strategy to explore family relationships.

Happy New Year, play therapists! Have an incredible January and a wonderful 2014!

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