November Play Therapy Wrap-Up

-After reading about the devastating typhoon in the Phillipines, this article offered a message of hope for the many children who lived through the terrifying experience. This playground in Manila was built with play therapy intervention in mind, designed specifically to address the trauma of the children who lived through the typhoon in 2011, and it will no doubt be of use for the survivors of Typhoon Haiyan earlier this month.

-When it comes to treating trauma, there is a dearth of literature about individual treatment for nonoffending parents. This is an excellent, well researched paper that delves deeply into this oft-neglected dimension of trauma intervention.

-Can “playing doctor” actually be therapeutic? This month at, Dr. Rick Nauert takes a look at some innovative research being done with chronically ill children. The project focused on the use of medically themed toys to evaluate the needs and feelings of these children. (Further coverage of this story here.)

-A hospital in Rwanda has implemented a new initiative to employ play therapy to treat children recuperating from various medical issues and the trauma that can come with those issues. It’s great to see the power of play working across the globe!

-I posted this separately at the beginning of the month, but here it is again for those who might have missed it: a great intro to play therapy video from the APT.

-This video also offers an informative introduction to play and creative therapies, but has a more specific focus on intervention with children who have suffered abuse.

-Here’s a news piece about a growing mental health center in Iowa that focuses on play therapy intervention.

-As if there aren’t enough reasons to spend some time in Cape Cod this summer, PlayTherapyWorks is offering a seminar on sand therapy with families, couples, and groups.

-You knew it was coming…play therapy apps! A professor at MidAmerican Nazarene University has created an interactive app that serves as an introduction to play therapy for young children. It sounds pretty cool…and it’s free to check out!

-While we all take pride in our playrooms, sometimes children need the play therapy to come to them. Children in some West Virginia schools are receiving valuable play therapy intervention thanks to mobile play therapy kits donated by the Snowshoe Foundation. (You can build your own mobile kit with a starter set at

-The Association for Play Therapy is doing all it can to promote play therapy to the general public. Here’s how you can help!

-Looking for a gluten-free alternative to Play-Doh! Check out Kinetic Sand!

-The Theraplay Institute has released it’s upcoming schedule of training opportunities.

-Here’s a great article for parents that covers the basics of how to get the most out of playtime with your child. Lots of great suggestions here. The two articles on toys at the bottom are great for parents and play therapists, as well. I’ll definitely be bookmarking this site!

This article provides further evidence of the appeal and value of LEGO play to children with autism. The structured form of play that building with LEGOs provides can improve social skills.

-A prison in China is using expressive therapies such as sandplay to treat inmates’ mental health.

-I’ll leave you with an oldie-but-goodie from NPR: Old-Fashioned Play Builds Serious Skills.

Happy Holidays, everyone! When doing your shopping, don’t forget for that special play therapist in your life!

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