August Play Therapy Wrap-Up

It was a bit of a slow month for play therapy news, but here are a few things you might have missed…

-It’s great to see more and more universities and institutions offering certificates in Play Therapy. John Brown University just became the first college in the great state of Arkansas to do so.

-The abundance of devastating natural disasters over the past few years have left thousands of children afflicted with the resulting trauma. This article describes the play therapy interventions used by World Vision and University of North Texas mental health specialists to help young victims of the recent Oklahoma tornadoes. It’s a very touching story and a testament to the power of play.

This video interview with a play therapist addresses the politics of the playground and how to avoid conflict and allow a child the best possible playing experience. She talks about how to choose the right playground, touches on parallel play vs. cooperative play, and tackles the big issue: sharing. Good advice for play therapists and parents alike.

-Mindfulness therapy has recently emerged as an effective cure for afflictions ranging from anxiety disorders to diabetes management. This article suggests that the increasingly popular practice is also useful in children, particularly those struggling with anxiety, depression, stress, or attentional difficulties.

-A social worker asks the question “Do you accept every referral?” Some good points are made about the value of telephone screening before setting up an appointment. What do you think?

-Ever had a client who came to therapy of their own volition, but then becomes taciturn and suspicious when you try to engage? It seems to be happening more and more as people do their “therapist shopping” online. This is a great article on how to handle these difficult clients.

-For more articles geared specifically toward therapists, check out this section of our articles and resources page.

-I love these ten favorite parenting techniques from Liana Lowenstein. Simple and creative.

-Anyone in the New York City area looking for a great learning opportunity? Garry Landreth is presenting a workshop on Child-Centered Play Therapy that might be for you. Anyone know of any other upcoming workshops we should be aware of?

-What’s the latest at, you ask? The Mobile Sand Play Therapy Kit is back in stock with a new and improved inflatable tray! And don’t forget to grab a ten-pound bag of Model ‘N’ Mold Sand on sale now!

Have a happy and productive September!

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