Quantifying the Success of Play Therapy Intervention

Play Therapy UK recently released the results of a ten-year research program aimed at an estimate of the effectiveness of play therapy intervention. The report is called ‘An Effective Way of Alleviating Children’s Emotional, Behaviour and Mental Health Problems – the Latest Research’ and it’s comprehensive approach and important results make it well-worth mentioning in a blog post. With useful charts and uncomplicated language, the report sheds light on the impact play therapy intervention is having on the lives of individuals receiving the therapy, as well as society as a whole.  As you will read, the results are encouraging, showing a 74-83% positive change in children referred for the therapy. It also considers such factors as age, gender, length of treatment, type of treatment (group, sand tray, puppets, etc.), and nationality. It even does a cost-benefit analysis of play therapy, analyzing the money put into play therapy programs and the return received by society. This is a must-read for any practitioner. What do you think of the results? Share your opinions in the comments section.

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