July Play Therapy Wrap-Up

-July 1st was National Play Therapy Day in Australia and here’s a great article from Down Under written in celebration!

-The costs of health insurance and medication are extremely debilitating to scores of people and families across the nation, and it’s likely you’ve encountered patients struggling in this way. This list of resources compiled by Ken Pope, PhD provides a list of sites, along with descriptions of each, that can help those in need find affordable health insurance and medication.

-Is Play Therapy effective? Here’s a paper from the UK with some answers.

-Family Psychological Services is currently hosting some great webinar training opportunities.

-A moving story about an abused child’s journey to healing through play therapy and the dedicated play therapist who helped him along. It also provides some valuable lessons on what play therapy should be.

-It’s a few months old, but this May newsletter from the New England Association for Play Therapy has some great articles and a list of upcoming training opportunities for those in the New England area.

-Check out these twenty ways to make your play therapy sessions more effective!

-Another collection of articles on sandtray intervention.

-Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) combines social, speech, play, and physical therapies, and can be very useful with autistic children. This article provides a nice, brief primer on ABA and how it has been used to help improve response.

-BestPracticeAutism.org is a great blog for anyone interested in finding out about up-to-date research on ASD in children. This month they posted a short article on video game use and ASD, as well as an informative piece on children with ADHD symptoms in addition to ASD.

Here’s an article on how a play therapist in Nebraska is using play therapy and sandtray therapy to help children with aggression issues. Check out these other great articles on play therapy and anger/aggression at our articles and resources site.

-Is your sand tray miniature collection lacking? Always! We’ve added dozens of new ones at ChildTherapyToys.com!

-Do you have the Feelings Poster hanging in your office? It’s a classic! It was the bestselling item last week on CTT for umpteenth time!

Have a wonderful August! Stay cool!

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