June Play Therapy Wrap-Up

-Liana Lowenstein has posted two new articles on her website. The first is about game-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and the second takes a close look at selective mutism. There’s also two new suggested techniques on the site: Feelings Apples to Apples and What Would They Say?, a really cool idea for family therapy.  

-I assume many of you will be attending the APT Annual conference in Palm Springs in October. Be sure to check out Liana’s workshop “Bambi, Simba, and Nemo: Innovative Techniques for Bereaved Children”.

-If you happened to miss the recent conference in Utah on “The ABCs of Play Therapy”, here’s a nice review.

-This wonderful graphic is a great primer and reference on what we currently know about Autism, complete with colorful illustrations and meticulously researched data.

-Here’s a half-hour long video on the reflective sandtray process.

-Yet another collection of play therapy articles, as well as one on sandplay therapy and play therapy for ADHD children, on gobookee.net. Again, many of these can be found on our articles and resources page MyPlayTherapyPage.com.

-I blogged about this a couple of weeks ago, but had to mention it again. This long list of blogs created by school counselors is full of bookmarkable sites for play therapists, special education teachers, and many other professionals. These blogs really provide a great perspective of our education system today. Be sure to check out these articles on Play Therapy in schools, as well.

-I really enjoyed this brief recap of a recent lecture given on addiction by Dr. Gabor Mate. Compassion and love as the healing agents of addiction and the stress or trauma that causes it. You can learn more from the ACE study cited, which demonstrates the ability of early trauma to lead to addiction and other problems down the road.

-A Fort Collins, Colorado non-profit incorporates play therapy into healing child and adult victims of abuse. And a program in New York state is also doing some great work with special needs children through play.

-A three-year-old autistic child took up painting as therapy and is now selling paintings for a healthy sum. The therapy is also improving her condition, which of course is priceless.

-I was so glad to hear about the new Sesame Street puppet who has a parent in jail. There are so many children out there facing the challenges of this situation and yet the topic is often overlooked.

-No one likes to talk about it, but at some point we all must create a will. A therapist’s professional will has it’s own unique issues that must be addressed. Here’s a great guide for making sure all your affairs are in order.

-It’s that time of year again. Here’s how you can help your kid beat homesickness at camp.

-Anyone with a sibling knows that there is often some bullying involved. Here’s a very interesting article from the New York Times about what to do when it gets out of hand.

This YouTube video illustrates how to document a play therapy session.

-Still finding the new DSM-5 a little daunting? Never fear…the American Counseling Association is here, announcing a six-webinar series to help you understand the new edition.

-“Holy Child Therapy Toys, Batman! The DC and Marvel figurines have finally arrived!”

-See you on the dark side of Sig-moond! You know you want this shirt!

Research Round-Up!
-Want the scoop on sugar pills? Check out these 11 surprising facts about placebos.

-Researchers have found that different kinds of child abuse can cause specific changes to brain structure.

-Important info for parents and caretakers about childhood risk factors and adult illness.

Hope everyone had a happy Fourth of July!

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