Highly recommended Jungian Play Therapy/Sand Play training (that you don’t have to leave the house for)

Those looking for a thorough and instructive overview of Jungian Play Therapy and Sand Play should look no further than Dr. Eric J. Green’s DVD Jungian Play Therapy and Sand Play with Children: Myth, Mandala, and Meaning. Having attended many workshops and training seminars on the subject, I must say this 80-minute video was as informative as any (and it didn’t require any long-distance travel!). It delves into the theoretical mechanics of this nonverbal psychotherapy and illustrates the important techniques needed for strengthening emotional connections. The case demonstrations are well chosen and eye-opening, as children use myths, mandalas, and other expressive tools to reveal their psychological development. Dr. Green does an excellent job of conveying the true value and depth of this valuable healing tool. 

Unfortunately the video doesn’t address every practitioner’s burning question: Is it “Sandplay” one-word, or “Sand Play” two-words? But, still, I highly recommend it!

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