The Alphabet Game

This great technique comes from Christy Harris, LPCA. Christy received a gift certificate to for her submission. (And so can you!)

Print the letters of the alphabet, in varying sizes & fonts, and glue each letter onto a different color construction paper. Each matted letter is then glued to a poster board. Lay the poster board on the floor and have children drop buttons (coins or tokens will work as well) on the letters. Whatever letter the button lands on, the child is asked to talk about something they like to do that starts with that letter. This is great as an ice breaker for beginning stages of therapy. During later sessions participants can be asked to identify a “coping skill,” “kind word,” or “action” that starts with the letter. I have used this technique during individual therapy, as well as groups of children ages 5-12. This technique is especially helpful for children who are resistant to talk or participate. Another feature of the letter board is that the letters spelling “control” are the largest letters on the board and all have the same color background, reinforcing the concept of control in a fun and subtle way. I chose control because I work with many children on anger management skills. Additional boards can be made that feature another keyword or skill.

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