Chairs (the game)

Here’s another great therapy idea from one of our readers. Thank you to Nikki for submitting. Submit your own ideas or play therapy articles to receive gift certificates at ChildTherapyToys.


I have used the game “chairs” in a group setting and have found many applications for it. The purpose of the game is to stack chairs (or perhaps some other stackable item) without allowing them to fall. Discussions following are about the player’s individual ability to withstand adversity and “not fall.” Specifically we discuss what gave them ability to withstand unfavorable circumstances, times they appeared strong but were struggling to stand, and what would cause them to “fall.” Each member identified “chairs” in their life that made it possible for them to keep standing by providing a good foundation, as well as the “chairs” that represented the final straw (the one that, when placed on the structure, became too much and caused them all to fall).

There are many ways in which this game can be used individually or within a group. Materials necessary are very inexpensive, but the effectiveness of the intervention can be invaluable.

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