Fishing for Feelings Card Game

Here’s another great therapy idea from one of our readers. Thank you to Robin Whisnant for submitting. Submit your own ideas or play therapy articles to receive gift certificates at ChildTherapyToys.

Materials needed:
-Children’s fishing pole (available at department store) or pole with string attached
-magnet (available from a craft store)
-Feelings Cards (available from

-Attach magnet to the end of the fishing line, and paper clips to the Feelings Cards.

The object of the game is to pick up as many feelings as you can with the fishing pole. The client removes each feeling caught and talks about a time they had that feeling. Therapists can play and model for the client. This is an especially fun game for groups. Group members can form teams and work together. This game promotes sharing, healthy competition, team work, appropriate expression of affect, and development of a feelings vocabulary. Fishing for Feelings is suitable for kids and teens, in individual sessions or in group. Fishing is a great family activity, and there are many children who have never been fishing before. This idea can be shared with parents who might be inspired to take their child fishing!

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