Feelings Jenga

We received another great therapy intervention that I wanted to share with our readers. Submit your own for a chance to get free stuff at ChildTherapyToys.com. Learn more here.

A great use of an inexpensive store-game is as follows:
Use a Jenga or generic Jenga set (Big Lots sells one for $6.99).  On each of the blocks, write the name of an emotion with a Sharpee pen.  As each player pulls out a block, they must tell the other players in three sentences about a situation that caused that emotion, what thoughts surrounded the emotions, and what they did in response to that emotion.  Example: a child pulls the block labeled “fear” and tells the other players “Two years ago my daddy went to jail.  I was afraid that he would never come back home.  I did not talk to anyone for a week.”  It is a good ice breaker for new clients and as a tool to get both children and adolescents to open up.

Thanks to Lauren Fera for submitting. Children who enjoy this game might also enjoy Totika, where players answer questions to promote personal growth, self-esteem and life skills while trying to keep the stack from falling over. The game comes with five decks of question cards allowing you to expand the game to cover a wide variety of domains and issues.

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